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Report to Campus Administration

You may report to the Office of Compliance

Our goal is to prevent, to correct, and when necessary, to discipline behavior that violates the UC Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence

Click here for reporting options with the Office of Compliance


You may report to any UC Merced manager, supervisor, Academic Senate or to the Office of Student Conduct

These entities are obligated to, in turn, notify the Title IX Officer.

Academic Senate:

Office of Student Conduct: 209-228-5433 Located in the Office of Student Life


(from the UC Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence)

The university shall protect the privacy of individuals involved in a report of sexual harassment or sexual violence to the extent permitted by law and university policy. A report of sexual harassment or sexual violence may result in the gathering of extremely sensitive information about individuals in the university community. While such information is considered confidential, university policy regarding access to public records and disclosure of personal information may require disclosure of certain information concerning a report of sexual harassment or sexual violence. In such cases, every effort shall be made to redact the records in order to protect the privacy of individuals. An individual who has made a report of sexual harassment or sexual violence may be advised of sanctions imposed against the accused when the individual needs to be aware of the sanction in order for it to be fully effective (such as restrictions on communication or contact with the individual who made the report). In addition, when the offense involves a crime of violence or a non-forcible sex offense, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act permits disclosure to the complainant the final results of a disciplinary proceeding against the alleged accused, regardless of whether the university concluded that a violation was committed. Information regarding disciplinary action taken against the accused shall not be disclosed without the accused’s consent, unless permitted by law as noted above, or unless it is necessary to ensure compliance with the action or the safety of individuals.